In an era where dark rooms have all but vanished and a camera is just another function of a cell phone; A man, whose stature reflected his larger than life personality, took a small little photography studio and transformed it into an institution.

Thom Schnide

Thom Schnide, owner, operator, and photographer passed away Friday, April 23rd, 2010 at the age of 53 doing what he loved more than anything.

To say you’ve never been photographed by David Bank Studios either means you’re not from the area or you’re pretty darn camera shy.  That goes for your parents, your grandparents, and in some cases-your great grandparents.

It is the job of the photographer to take light and manipulate it.  Take a moment and document it. Take emotion and capture it.  Like the shutter closing in one last whisper, his time here with us ends. His exposure to all will forever remain a portrait of an extraordinary human being.

“I want a place where people love coming to work.”
– Thom Schnide, Owner of David Bank Studios

From all of us at David Bank Studios, we love you Thom. You will be missed. Through the years you have proved that a business plan created solely on the proper treatment and care of its employees will out perform and out last time.  These walls have stood now for over 110 years. In your honor they will stand over 110 more.